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Healthy Habits Youth Aquathlon Sanford Clinic: 
July 30th at 6 PM

This clinic is free to anyone who has registered for the Healthy Habits Youth Aquathlon on 8/3. It will be held at the Sanford Springvale YMCA. 

Come dressed for the swim and bring whatever clothing you will need to run. Remember to bring 2 towels and swim goggles. 

We will begin in the upper right corner of the YMCA parking lot. 

6:00-6:10 Welcome
6:10-6:20 How to setup Transition Area
6:20-6:40 Swimming Clinic
6:40-6:55 Running Clinic
  (we will complete 1 loop
6:55-7:05 Q&A for kids and parents.  

The clinic is designed to familiarize the participants and their parents with the sport of triathlon and with the actual course that this triathlon will be held on. We will help everyone learn what they need to know and become a bit more comfortable with the sport. 
Sanford Splash and Dash Aquathlon

Required Race Day Equipment:

Swimsuit or tri suit for swim
Running shoes

Suggested Race Day Equipment:

Two towels (one to dry off one to mark transition area)
Shorts or shirt to put over bathing suit
Healthy pre race or transition snack (bananas, or a granola bar are perfect race day snacks)
The Sanford race has historically been a full triathlon.  Due to the cancellation of the Biddeford race, we reformatted Sanford. It has been changed to a Splash and Dash Aquathlon.  It is for youth, ages 5-15 (as of 12/31/14).  The distances are all USAT-age appropriate distances.  We allow kids  in the 5-6 and 7-8 year age groups to use training wheels, if needed.  We also allow these two groups to use YMCA-approved flotation devices for the swim. 

The Sanford race is hosted by the Sanford Springvale YMCA, located at 1 Emile Levasseur Drive in Sanford, Maine.
The swim is held in their indoor pool.  The run course is on wooded trails, located on the YMCA's property. 
Distances by Age at Sanford:

Age                                       Swim                                            Run
5-6 Years                              25 Yards (1 pool length)                              0.6 miles
7-8 Years                             100 Yards (4 pool lengths)                            0.6 miles
9-10 Years                           100 Yards (4 pool lengths)                            0.6 miles
11-12 Years                          200 Yards (8 pool lengths)                           1.2 miles
13-15 Years                          200 Yards (8 pool lengths)                           1.2 miles

What is an Aquathlon and why did we switch the Sanford race to this?

Aquathlon is the multi sport of swimming and running. It is a very popular format in England and USAT wants to grow this sport in the US.  The Splash and Dash Series is a national series of 80+ races. 

We committed to USAT to host a Splash and Dash race and because of our inability to hold the Biddeford race, we converted the Sanford race to this format.

For first timers, eliminating the bike segment will also eliminate some of the trepidation that might be there. For the more experienced kids it means that they can push themselves harder if they desire. 

Sunday, August 3rd at 9:00
Click on the Moose to link to our registration.